Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 10 July, 2007
Issue Closes: 13 July, 2007
Issue Size : 3,000,000 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band: Rs.170
Upper Price Band: Rs.185
Total Issue Size: RS.56 Crores

Application Multiple: 30 and in multiples there off starting with at least 30 shares.

Maximum Shares: 540 (for Retail)

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Company Details :
Address : 12/1, NELLIE SENGUPTA SARANI, KOLKATA - 700 087.
Email :
Contact Details : 913332923330 /913322528013 (fax)

ISSUE Description:
Company Background:

Simplex Projects Limited, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified construction company providing integrated engineering, procurement and construction services for Civil and Structural construction and Infrastructure projects.
Simplex Projects is in the construction business since 1990 and has worked in 16 states in the country focusing on areas such as:
• Piling and Foundations
• Civil construction projects, which include structures such as commercial and residential complexes, mass
• Housing projects, townships, industrial structures;
• Transportation engineering projects including bridges, flyovers, underpasses, road projects; and
• Irrigation, Water supply and Sewarage Schemes.
• Installation and operation of Multi Level Car Parking Systems.

Multi-Level Automated Car Parking System
(Subsidiary – Simpark Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.)
A wholly owned Subsidiary, Simpark Infrastructure Private Limited is engaged in the business of Installation, Development, Operation and Maintenance of Multi-level Automated Car Parking Systems. The business plan focuses attention on the aspect of alleviation of the problems associated with vehicular parking, the alternate technologies which have replaced the conventional modes of parking garages resulting in higher ground area utilization.

The Company’s portfolio of completed and ongoing civil construction projects includes commercial and residential buildings, group housing projects and townships, industrial structures, hospitals and universities and educational campuses. In the infrastructure portion of the company’s business, their projects fall broadly into the following categories: transportation engineering, and irrigation & water supply. In the transportation engineering category, They have constructed roads, bridges, flyovers and underpasses. In the irrigation & water supply category, they have built water supply and sewerage projects. The company has also completed various piling projects. Further, their Subsidiary is involved in the business of installation, development, operation and maintenance of multi-level Automated Car Parking Systems. Their Subsidiary has already completed one multilevel fully automated car parking project for 214 cars while the second underground fully automated parking project for 250 Cars is partially operational and remaining part is in the final stages of completion.

Their Plant and Equipment resources consist of large fleets of piling and construction equipment like Piling Rigs, Boring Equipment, Modern Batching Plants, Excavators, Dumpers, latest Cranes and many more. Their fleet of piling equipments is among the largest in Eastern India. They have technical collaborations with International construction companies for advanced techniques for construction business.

The company had entered into an agreement with EWW Verenigde Bedrijven, a Dutch company, for transfer of technology relating to designs, construction, commissioning and installation of parking systems for India, South-East Asian countries, Sri Lanka and other companies.


Augment Long Term Working Capital Requirement;
• Acquire Plant & Machineries
• Investment in Subsidiary
a) For Purchase of Design and Technology for Semi and Fully Automated Multi Level Car Parking Systems.
b) For Development of Designs and Setting up of Fabrication Unit.
c) For meeting the expenses of Marketing and Promotion of Parking Systems.
• Meeting the Public Issue Expenses
Key Financials for the year ended March 31, 2007
Revenue Rs.1362.42Mln PAT Rs.123.84Mln
EPS Rs.15.47/- RONW 20.80%

Recommendation :

Pioneer in the Autumated Muti-level Car Parking, besides specialization in their piling business gives Simplex an edge. Apply for listing gains.