Saturday, February 04, 2006


Issue Opens: 02 February, 2006
Issue Closes: 07 February, 2006
Issue Size : 8,275,556 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band : Rs.260
Upper Price Band : Rs.310

Application Multiple: 20 and in multiples of 20.

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ISSUE Description:


* GVKPIL intends to contribute part of the equity required by GPL to establish a 464 MW Dual Fuel Combined Cycle plant located in the state of Andhra Pradesh
* Repayment of bridge finance availed for funding the equity of GPL Power Project
* Repayment of short term and long-term debt of GVKPIL
* Achieving the benefits of listing their Equity Shares

Competitive Strengths

* GVKPIL is among the first IPPs in India. Owing to this they have an advantage over new operators of power plants with respect to familiarity of operations and experience.
* Their ability to meet project targets on time adjunct with their excellent quality of operations provides them with a significant competitive advantage in the industry
* They have an assured source of revenue from the following sources:

A take -or -pay PPA with APDISCOMs
Tariffs from Jegurupadu Phase I PPA

* They enjoy the benefits of economies of scale through the use of shared facilities between its projects
* They possess a strong managerial experience in this industry and promote continuous training and development of personnel.


* To continue to invest in expansion of generation capacity
* To secure access to long term supplies of fuel
* Expanding further into operations and maintenance
* To capitalize upon opportunities presented by the Electricity Act, 2003
* To identify new investment opportunities

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Issue Opens: 27 January, 2006
Issue Closes: 02 February, 2006
Issue Size : 16,500,000 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band : Rs.100
Upper Price Band : Rs.120

Application Multiple: 50 and in multiples of 50.

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About the Issue (This is what experts say):

INOX is an expensive issue for a healthy gain from the emerging industry. One can apply for INOX IPO. One can make money in the long run. One could also make money in the short term. It is an okay issue but expensively priced.

INOX is a good issue and one can apply for its IPO. One can expect 10-15% appreciation on the listing.

INOX, which operates a chain of eight multiplexes at premium locations in seven cities across India under the INOX brand, recently entered into a tie-up with the Pantaloon group, which provides it with preferential access to all real estate developments that the Pantaloon group takes up to set up its retail chain.

The properties acquired through this alliance will be in addition to the properties that INOX has locked in on its own.