Thursday, June 21, 2007


Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 25 June, 2007
Issue Closes: 27 June, 2007
Issue Size : 113,111,111 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band: Rs.41
Upper Price Band: Rs.46
Total Issue Size: RS.520 Crores

Application Multiple: 135 and in multiples there off starting with at least 135 shares.

Maximum Shares: 2160 (for Retail)

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Company Details :
Address : 60-D, SAINIK FARMS, NEW DELHI - 110 062.
Email :
Contact Details : 911165469839 /911165469843 /911129552642 (fax)

ISSUE Description

Company Background

Spice Communication Ltd. commenced operations in 1997 as a cellular services provider in the states of Punjab and Karnataka with an allocation in the 900 MHZ spectrum. As of March 31, 2007, they are the second largest cellular services provider in Punjab and the fifth largest in Karnataka measured by the total number of subscribers. On a combined basis the customer base consists of approximately 2.73mln subscribers. Both of these states are recognized as major economic hubs of India, with Punjab enjoying the highest per capita income in the country, and Karnataka known as the “Silicon Valley” of India.

SCL has installed 1,358 sites throughout Punjab and 1,019 sites throughout Karnataka. The company owns/leases optical fibre backbone and micro transmission links with back-up and redundancy support in the markets in which they operate. SCL’s network coverage and large number of distribution outlets have enabled them to compete effectively in the cellular ser4vices market in these states.
SCL’s promoters are Mr. Dilip Modi and Modi Wellvest Private Ltd. Telekom Malaysia (TM), through TMI India, a wholly owned subsidiary of TM International is an investor (39.20% post issue stake) in the company since March 2006. TM is a leading telecommunications company based in Malaysia, with an established presence in the Asia-Pacific region, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Pakistan.

Objective of the Issue:

a) Part Payment of long term debt b) Payment of license fee for NLD and ILD and related capital expenditures, etc c) Payment to vendors for equipments and other capital expenditures. To complement to SCL’s existing markets, it has recently embarked on a pan-India expansion strategy by applying for licences for an additional 21 circles throughout India to provide GSM cellular services, in addition to licences for providing NLD and ILD services.

Key Financials for the year ended June 30, 2006
Revenue Rs.6,802.87Mln PAT Rs.(687.42)Mln
EPS Rs.(1.25/-)

Pre-ipo placement

The company has announced the pre-IPO placement of 24.83 million shares at Rs 45 per share to raise about Rs 112 crore. The shares were picked up by group of investors led by Lehman Brothers and Spinnaker Investments


SCl is an established player in its circle of operation. Besides a vibrant and well-recognised brand name and a well experienced management team, Spice Communication Ltd.has an investor with strong investor capabilities in Telekom Malaysia. Apply aggressively for listing gains.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 19 June, 2007
Issue Closes: 22 June, 2007
Issue Size : 92,105,263 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band : Rs.885
Upper Price Band: Rs.950

Application Multiple: 6 and in multiples there off starting with atleast 6 shares.

Maximum Shares: 102 (for Retail)

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Prospectus URL :

Company Details :
Email :
Contact Details : 02226531414 /02226531122 (fax)

ISSUE Description

Company Background
They are a private sector commercial bank and, together with their subsidiaries, offer products and services in the areas of commercial banking to retail and corporate customers (both domestic and international), treasury and investment banking and other products like insurance and asset management.

Objective of the Issue
Augment their capital base to meet their future capital adequacy requirements arising out of growth in their businesses and for other general corporate purposes

Strategy for the future
Focus on quality growth opportunities by:
• Maintaining and enhancing their strong retail franchise;
• Maintaining and enhancing their strong corporate franchise;
• Building an international presence;
• Building a rural banking franchise;
• strengthening their insurance and asset management businesses.
• Emphasize conservative risk management practices and enhance asset quality;
• Use technology for competitive advantage
• Attract and retain talented professionals.

Fiscal Year ended 2007:
• 2nd largest bank in India
• Largest bank in the private sector in terms of total assets (Rs 3,446.58 billion)
• 710 branches, 45 extension counters and 3,271automated teller machines, or ATMs, across several Indian states.

April 19th 2007:
Sangli Bank an unlisted private sector bank with 198branches and extension counters merged with ICICI Bank

Key Financial details for year ended March 31, 2007:

Total Interest Income (Revenue) Rs.229.94bln PAT Rs. Mln
EPS (diluted) Rs.34.64


ICICI Bank's top quality management has well - positioned it to ride along with the economic growth. ICICI Bank's aggression in retail banking, largely dominant position in asset management and in insurance and its sheer size in wholesale banking make it a compelling longterm investment.