Saturday, July 07, 2007


Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 05 July, 2007
Issue Closes: 11 July, 2007
Issue Size : 3,571,428 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band: Rs.125
Upper Price Band: Rs.140
Total Issue Size: RS.50 Crores

Application Multiple: 50 and in multiples there off starting with at least 50 shares.

Maximum Shares: 700(for Retail)

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Company Details :
Email :
Contact Details : 914423718202 /914423718203 /914424717845 (fax)

ISSUE Description:
Company Background:

Everonn is a fully integrated, ISO 9000-2001 Company ensuring quality in the education it imparts. Knowledge Management, Education and Training Company offering a range of services that include

• Creating Educational and Training Content that is globally relevant
• Designing and executing large learning initiatives.
• Setting up the needed infrastructure for learning and training
ESIL is one of the leading players in setting up Virtual and Interactive Learning classroom networks across India to deliver quality and affordable education. We are developing and integrating content for Indian and global audience in schools, colleges, corporates and retail space. ESIL is one of the pioneers of computer education in schools and colleges. ESIL has partnered with various State Governments
to bridge the digital divide. Computer Lab infrastructure is set up by the company inside the School and College and IT Education is imparted through well trained Everonn faculty.

ESIL is a Lead Partner of Hughes Communication India Ltd (HCIL) ((Formerly called Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd) (HECL)) for Hughes Net (Direcway) interactive learning, where management courses from premier management institutes are offered to working executives. The Company has two Strategic Business Units (SBUs)
SBU I: Institutional Education - Infrastructure Services
Setting up IT Education Infrastructure in Schools & Colleges
Delivering IT education in Schools & Colleges.
Offering Turnkey Education and Software Solutions.
Currently have a point of presence in over 1900 schools
Spread across 8 states. Everonn employs more – Corporates than 2000 people
SBU II : Virtual and Technology - Enabled Learning Solutions
ViTELS focuses on providing specialized content through an Interactive remote delivery mechanism. The target audience are Colleges and Schools, Working Professionals, Retail segment.

Management Education from Premier Institutes on Direcway Platform.
Virtual learning through Zebra Kross and Direcway extended to 197 colleges, schools and Retail Centres

Objects of the Issue:

a) Capital expenditure for Institutional Education and IT infrastructure Services. b) Capital expenditure for Virtual and Tech Enabled learning solutions. c) Brand Building exercise for the Company d) Funding the proposed Mergers & Acquisitions activity d) invest in the proposed Subsidiary to Retail Educational aids, tools and other products.

Key Financials for the year ended June 30, 2006
Revenue Rs. 430.44Mln PAT Rs. 48.56Mln
EPS Rs.5.63/- RONW 13.27%

Recommendation :

One of the pioneers in the field of net –based education systems, with a successful and impressive track record. ESIL’s Education Centric technology, content and support infrastructure provision to the schools has enabled it to successfully create a niche in this sunrise education technology field. Apply Aggressively.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 02 July, 2007
Issue Closes: 05 July, 2007
Issue Size : 4,522,435 (No. of Shares)

Lower Price Band: Rs.170
Upper Price Band: Rs.190
Total Issue Size: RS.86 Crores

Application Multiple: 35 and in multiples there off starting with at least 35 shares.

Maximum Shares: 525(for Retail)

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Company Details :
Address : 375, J. S. S. ROAD, 5th FLOOR, VIDYUT, MUMBAI - 400 002.
Email :
Contact Details : 912222002020 /912222064170 (fax)

ISSUE Description:

Company Background
Allied Digital is a leading IT Infrastructure management and Technical Support Services outsourcing Company. ADSL enables global, large and medium enterprises and service providers to reduce their total cost of ownership using a combination of onsite and remote services. It has been a global choice for outsourced technical support services for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, e-commerce and corporate internal environments.

ADSIL has over two decades of experience in technology and enterprise IT infrastructures, successfully implementing, managing and consulting on complex IT and business systems for global businesses.

Working with the industry leaders in technology, ASDIL delivers strategic, personalized, full-service Technical Support services solutions with quality, value and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Allied Digital enables clients to seamlessly align IT with changing business imperatives thereby enabling maximized benefits and returns. With proven excellence in operations management, high-quality infrastructure, Allied Digital provides a proven and reliable outsourced alternative to global customers.

These capabilities provide the operational footing for a diverse portfolio of value-added solutions including Technology infrastructure Management, simple-to-complex technical support solutions, security lifecycle services and professional services for design and deployment of technology infrastructure.

Allied Digital has over 1000 committed professionals from different managerial and engineering background, operating across 72 locations within India.

Objects of the issue
a) Setting up of a Global Service Delivery Centre b) Upgradation of existing Infrastructure c) Setting up of new strategic Business units d) Strategic Acquisitions e) Financing Working Capital
Key Financials for the year ended March 31, 2007
Revenue Rs.1232.40Mln PAT Rs.3,495Mln
EPS Rs.19.05/- RONW 39.09%
Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd (BCCL) currently holds 5 per cent equity stake in the company.

High growth company in the IT Industry specializing in the NOC & SOC (Network Operation Center and Information Security Operation Center) sector. Must Apply Aggressively.